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40mm FCU

Designed to enhance all 40mm LV and MV grenade launchers, the FN Fire Control Unit (FN® FCU) uses advanced electronics to simplify range finding and elevation corrections for the operator, even under severe combat conditions. The unit is an advanced sight design for use with any 40mm grenade launcher – stand-alone and under-barrel – and portable antitank weapon.

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FN Expert

The FN® Expert is a marksmanship training system that provides instruction to both shooters and coaches. The system focuses on training fundamental shooting skills (sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze, etc.), building muscle memory and providing feedback following the shot. It is a wireless system capable of dry-fire and live-fire training on virtually any rifle or carbine.

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FN Smart Core Round Count

The FN® SmartCore is an electronic system that measures and records the number of shots (blank and live firing being discriminated) and effective and cyclic rates of fire. It works in conjunction with the FN® SAM – a fully automated software that ensures enhanced maintenance and logistics capabilities.

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